The Quantum Field of Attraction

When I saw the documentary, The Secret, I thought, “so all I have to do is wish for something and it will come true?” I’m certainly not one to discount the power of positive thinking, but I felt something was missing from this premise. If it’s a secret, how come so many people know about it, but still aren’t able to magically manifest what they want.

You've Got to Rub Me the Right Way

I do believe that we become what we think about most and that being conscious of our thoughts helps us to think in resourceful ways and create purposeful outcomes. Listening to our “self-talk”, the internal dialogue that defines how we relate to ourselves and maintains our reality, is the key to understanding what we believe is possible and what we continually get.

The Secret is about understanding the law of attraction and how to make it work for you. So I started to think about what creates attraction? I thought of a magnetic field, which exists by the nature of its polarity – the aligned pull of its negatively aligned charges. Every particle in the universe has a positive, negative or neutral charge. To create a field of attraction, we must not only wish for what we want; we must create polarity.

Think of a positive charge in the energy we generate in our pursuit of satisfying a desire, (the push to get things done). This is not only thinking positively, it’s the moving toward a specific desired outcome. This alone doesn’t create polarity, but it does require persistent action. Desire is one pole of a magnetic field and without the other pole, we must expend a lot of energy to achieve results.

Polarity is required for attraction, just like an electromagnetic field. A positively charged intention provides the ‘push’ towards its fulfillment, while the negative ‘pull’ comes from choiceless awareness. As I’ve written in a post on Desire, choiceless or detached awareness is the conscious belief that all outcomes are possible. So one pole of our mentality is inevitability and the other, uncertainty.

Uncertainty is a big part of quantum physics (Heisenberg), where we can never know the exact position or ‘spin’ of an electron, until the moment that we observe it. It is the observation itself that determines its position. Just as when we cannot know the orientation of our intention until we can observe it.

Our mind is like Shrodinger’s black box. Until we can observe our thoughts, we cannot know which way they are unconsciously pointing us.

Desire creates the push of forward motion, where we can find fulfillment in the creative process, while the end state remains in the constant flux of possibility. Instead of trying to force an outcome, we can embrace this boundless unknown, and engage our imaginations. By listening to our self-talk, we can define our conscious direction and with purposeful uncertainty, create the polarity of attraction.