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You get a purpose! You get a purpose..!

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote, as I haven’t been struck by anything in particular that inspired me. Then yesterday I was at Starbucks minding my own business, when I was assaulted by Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is now selling her own branded tea, which includes putting her inspirational quotes on the insulating sleeve around my Americano. “Follow your passion,” she writes. “It will lead you to your purpose.” There’s nothing better than being reminded by a TV celebrity that you have a purpose in the universe, which is only knowable by following your passion, so that you too may someday become as successful as she is.  Continue reading

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Wild abandon

Buddhism teaches that selfish desire is at the root of all suffering. So to proceed with Right Intention, we should seek to free ourselves of desire. This intention in itself, is a selfish desire. To want to rid our selves of something is still a want. To seek nirvana, enlightenment, the Kingdom of Heaven are all selfish desires, no matter if we tell ourselves it’s in the service of a greater good. We are wanting machines. We are created out of desire for the purpose of desire; food, comfort and procreation. To deny ourselves these things is to deny our very purpose. Continue reading

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Once in a lifetime

This past week I was back in my old haunts around China and having been away for only a few months, I was still amazed at what had changed. It’s harder and harder to find a quiet back street where one can enjoy a few beers at a family restaurant. Every time I go back, I realize that I can never really go back. As Heraclitus said, “You can’t step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are forever flowing in upon you.’ Not only is the river never the same river, but I am never the same man. Continue reading

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It’s a wonderful life

I recently came across an essay on The Good Life by Jim Rohn, who calls himself “the world’s leading motivational speaker, philosopher and entrepreneur.” I watched some of his videos on YouTube, including one in which he exhorts an audience not to be “broke, stupid and ugly”. Talk about the power of positive thinking! I was so motivated by this entreprenurial philosopher’s message, that I decided to dedicate this post to my own very different version of what constitutes “the good life”. Continue reading

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Finding your hedgehog

In my recet post, “How to be an expert“, I talked about passion as being key to finding fulfillment in what we do. Yet so often we invest our passion into a hobby, because we can’t fully express it through our work. As hobbies rarely pay for themselves, we learn to live with spending the majority of our time doing what we think have to do in order to make ends meet, versus doing what we love to do. I don’t believe this has to be a trade-off; we can find fulfillment at work or play, once we understand the framework through which we can fully engage our creative energies to create maximum value and satisfaction. Continue reading

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