UnboundedLife is my growing collection of ideas and experiences that challenge us to free ourselves from the self-imposed confines of our own thinking. It documents my own journey of personal liberation, sharing insights on how each of us can rise above complacency and create transformational change. Though we are free by nature, freedom becomes more and more elusive. Our lives are ruled by mundane routines, predictability and unconsciously ingrained habits. Escape, despite the constant messages that promise temporary relief, is not the answer. Freedom comes from our ability to recognize the beauty of our true nature, make conscious choices that best serve us and to take ownership for our results. The ideas I explore here are intended to create a shift in awareness of how we define our world. We can then redefine it and respond in new ways. By being conscious of who we say we are, how this affects what we do and what we get, we unlock the power to make new choices and the freedom to create an unbounded life.

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  1. I visited PIAWAT Orphanage in August 2014 journeying through Thailand and Laos on my quest to help teach a quicker way to learn rudimentary English for three months. I discovered more about myself than the plethora of Orphanages I did not expect to find, most of those that have (recent) websites to point in their direction are honest and deserving of support but there are many that struggle.
    Go find them and give your mite or talents to salve your soul. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to discover Shangri La.

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