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Metaphysical gravity

I recently wrapped up a personal leadership seminar with an American corporate client in Beijing, and during a conversation about values, one of my students asked me, what did I value the most? Before I could think about it, I said, “Mobility.” Like the old SAT strategy, your first answer is usually your best answer, so then I thought, how was it that mobility had beat out core values contenders like family, health, love, compassion and spirituality. Here’s what I came up with… Continue reading

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The Last of the Human Freedoms

Victor Frankl in his masterwork, “Man’s Search for Meaning” talks about how in the midst of the Holocost, he realized that there was one thing that his Nazi captors could not take from him: his ability to choose how he felt. Frankl wrote about this choice as the last of the human freedoms as “the ability to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances.” Continue reading

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