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It goes without saying

Jeep has a catchy new slogan: “The things we make, make us.” I’m not sure how much the Jeep people intended us to read into their ad, but its message invites us to consider a lot more than just the benefits of owning one of their vehicles. While the technology we create can make our lives easier and more convenient, it also expands the field of consciousness that accelerates our own evolution. Continue reading

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Who looks inside, awakens

The other day I watched a 4-D ultrasound of our soon-to-be born baby girl. If you’ve never seen one of these video scans, they are way beyond the grainy black & white images of last decade’s techology. During the exam, I could see her yawn, smile and suck her thumb in blocky, slow-mo, baby claymation. This confining bubble is her whole universe, and I watched her silently dance, unaware of any limitations within this crowded space. Continue reading

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