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Digging our graves with knives and forks

Last month I began training for a leadership development program I’m running in Tibet next July. Part of this includes getting my client team in physical shape for the event, a trek that will take them up to 21,000 feet, so I created a training plan called “See You On The Summit“. This is as much a plan for them as it is for me, as I’ve gained 15 lbs in the past year and my normally bottom-of-the chart cholesterol has zoomed to over 200. I’ve been a competitive athlete for much of my life and thought I had a good grasp of nutrition, but after I turned 40, I found that what worked for me in the past was no longer working. In my search for better information, I came across a groundbreaking study that contradicts much of what we believe to be true about our health and what we eat. Continue reading

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