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Creating a System

Whenever I have worked with organizations that talk about being “stuck”, inevitably someone will come up with the unhelpful phrase, “We have to think outside the box”. This is like saying “we have to stop thinking along the lines of what is known and think along the lines of what is unknown”. How can we know what is beyond our experience? Answers don’t come from without, they come from within, as part of a search for purpose and fulfillment. When we are stuck, we don’t need to think outside the box, we need to re-define the box. Continue reading

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Acting as If

Here’s a puzzle: how do you become something if you’ve never been something? For example, how do I become a leader if I’ve never been a leader? The conventional answer is to study how to be a leader and then gradually learn as you go along. I teach leadership at the executive level, so I have a pretty good understanding of how this process works. The problem is, it doesn’t really work. Continue reading

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The Quantum Field of Attraction

When I saw the documentary, The Secret, I thought, “so all I have to do is wish for something and it will come true?” I’m certainly not one to discount the power of positive thinking, but I felt something was missing from this premise. If it’s a secret, how come so many people know about it, but still aren’t able to magically manifest what they want. Continue reading

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